dev.xiligroup is being renovated

For over 9 years, documents accumulate on the site dev.xiligroup and no longer correspond to current versions of extensions such as the trilogy – xili-language, xili-dictionary, xili-tidy-tags.
It was therefore decided in late 2013 to start work reorganization / renovation while maintaining this site available as archives or forums.
Other sites are still available including demonstrators child themes based on the parent themes included in the WordPress basic installation:
Twenty Seventeen – xili for WP 4.8 Evans
Twenty Sixteen – xili for WP 4.6 Pepper
Twenty Fifteen – xili for WP 4.1 Dinah
Twenty Fourteen – xili (also includes latest news and tips !)
Twenty Thirteen – xili
Twenty Twelve – xili
Twenty Eleven – xili

Github GitHub xiligroup repository for child bundled themes and latest versions (open for contributions).

These sites also contain recent information related to concerned child theme or included in the news about xili extensions to make multilingual sites.

Contribute xili-language trilogy and child themes

There are few ways how you can help in the development of xili-language trilogy and make it even better:

Contribute to GitHub project
You are always welcome on dev-xiligroup GitHub project if you may improve Child themes or any of its parts.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you see any way to improve xili-language or if you found any issue by submitting an issue via support form in each plugin or WP plugin forum.

If you like xili-language or other plugins, you can also help with Donation

If you want to contribute in some way or another, contact us via the form here or in each xili plugin admin side (form support)!

Be patient

July 2017