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    xiligroup dev

    Thanks for your question.

    This feature as described is yet in the « todo » list for future versions. I am studying a easy way to combine a query assembling posts with one language and posts with undefined language. The WP query is under tests now (but very complex).

    For your examples with pictures, don’t forget that legend are not in the same language, so with only one attachment (the picture) it is better if you create one post per language including « caption » for this language around the link to img !

    What is the URI of your site ?



    thanks for your reply.

    the site with the pictures is not open. but i am using you plugin on this site:

    The posts are not translated but as they should be visible in both lanuages they are dublicated and available in both languages.

    There is now the problem with the geo mashup plugin:

    So both post with the same text are displayed on every coordinate. This is not nice. Maybe you have a solution for this problem.


    xiligroup dev

    I am not expert with call to google maps… But as data-designer, in this multilingual context, it is good to create a post in each language and insert inside this post a link or a call (adapted with part or the maps and language) to the targeted map. If necessary a small code can be used (for shortcode inserted in body or by using post-meta)…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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