Arabic – not showing in xili-language 1.9.0 – and other (xili-dictionary)

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    Thanks for this long topic : I will try – if time – to contribute sub-topic, by sub-topic…

    Topic 2 : Language list widget (or his template tag) is set by default to switch from home to home or from category to category… When singular is shown (post or page), by best way is to add template tag added under the title. ( xiliml_the_other_posts ) Because xili-language is hookable itself, this behaviour can be changed by the developper by adding API. – see


    xiligroup dev

    Topic 5 – About translation of plugins

    Most of plugins only use his po mo files of his folder to translate both admin and visitor sides. xili-dictionary is only designed for theme’s language file. To adapt your translation of plugin, the best tool is poEdit (I use it on Mac). But xili-language has introduced a workaround to bypass the plugin files (check this option in settings) – so you must add the – visitor side – terms and translations in theme’s .mo files…


    xiligroup dev

    topic 6 – Warning: Invalid CRT parameters

    strftime php function is source of this message fully depending how the server – apache – is set to manage multingual date formatting according language.

    Because the source is short, this way is used to translate date according language. So as skilled webmestre, you must set with precision the server…

    Note: WP used another way but only for – static – localization and not depending of server…


    xiligroup dev

    Topic 4 – RTL – LTR and css and xili-dictionary

    Due to lack of time and without arabic testers, today it is configured only if the css features is set in css file but not in terms managed by xili-dictionary. Can you identify and list the issues and test by editing .po with text editor and compile it with poedit..

    Hope also to find a sponsor to plan a development period ;-)


    xiligroup dev

    Topic 1 – ar_ar hidden

    the latest child theme example fixes this issues for xili-language since :

    of this post

    (the oldest releases were left for pedagogy ;))



    Hi! Thank you for your reply, and Feel free to pick me as a tester for your Arabic/Hebrew development issues, including any wanted translations form English to Arabic/Hebrew. As possible I will share you with any developments !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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