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    look again your css (…/themes/twentyten-xili/style.css ) , the text-indent line is erroneous : li.lang-en_us, li.lang-it_it {text-indent:-9999px; width:18px;}

    must be li.lang-en_us, li.lang-it_it {text-indent:-9999px; width:18px;}

    and the flag it_it.png (lowcase name) seems to be not in


    Just remains a little work and enjoy



    Thank you Michel, I’ll try to follow your instructions and see if it works!


    xiligroup dev


    To avoid big files, the example kit only provided few flags.

    Some good examples are here: .

    Don’t forget to rename it according slug of language. In your case it.png to it_it.png… before to add it in subfolder images/flags of child theme.



    A little hitch: I have located the wp-content/themes/twentyten-xili/images/flags subfolder but I don’t know how to add the flag: how do I do to upload it?

    Thank you in advance




    Ooooh ! I guess you don’t use ftp to upload files ! really ! Have you a ftp account to manage files of your website ?




    I have a blog in Turkish created with Atahualpa and I’d like to ad English and french languages on my menu.

    I’ve already downloaded xili-language plugin and activated it. But so far it’s unsuccessful.

    would someone please explain (as simple as it can be) what should I do?






    after activating, some things must be done to set features according your wishes…. don’t forget to read this blog provided as example :

    and the readme in wp repository :



    OK Michel thank you I will try again, P.



    Hi again,

    I read all but it’s really very complicated for me since I’m a newbee,

    I just want to activate English that’s all, isn’t there any step by step explanation?

    Thanx again…


    xiligroup dev

    The Atahualpa theme seems to be translatable and has 2 nav menus.

    By settings xili-language (in admin menu settings) with now his three tabs – see snapshot in repository

    – on the first, you adapt the languages list,

    – on the second, you decide what happen when a visitor arrives with a browser in his language

    – on the third, you decide in which menu to see the language list automatically append (but you can also add a language list in widgets..

    – on the fourth, if you need deeper support, don’t forget to check infos before sending the form.

    in parallels don’t forget to assign language to each post according his own content language via edit dashboard..

    As the site seems professional, you can also buy as assistance for install a service… or find a wp expert around you.

    Best regards

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)

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