How to translate calendar widget?

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    This aspect was discussed before here XL to try to solve this aspect proposes a fieldset in backend named Translation domains settings

    For experts in multilingual CMS: Check to modify domains switching.

    with two check boxes:

    Switch all domains excepted default WP


    Calendar function as date or time format are worked in WP by his global $wp_locale which is depending from the localisation of the backend. So to live separate back (admin) and front (theme) in multilingual context, can be a nightmare for plugins…

    I never test calendar… but will do inform in one or two days ;-)


    xiligroup dev

    Today date contents and formats are managed in core of WP for localization (with po, mo of the WP). During original analysis for multilingual websites, the today data model for dates in XL is based on date of DB server. In next version, xili-language will offer an alternate way where the date format and translation (51 lines) for front-end will be inside the theme (site) po mo. The preliminary tests are very good and encouraging… just the time to build an easy to use settings UI.

    Be patient,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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