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    xiligroup dev

    Have you examine the demo child theme v1.1 ?°2-creation-dun-site-multilingue-avec-xili-language/

    To have the right date, you must use dating as in twentyten and don’t forget to translate date format in .mo (via xili-dictionary or poedit)…

    (If you are easy in php, you can also see the source code to discover the methods used by plugin to translate).

    Good work



    Yes I have examined this theme, but I just get lost: a child theme, of a theme that I am not using, with functions embedded in a file which is in a subfolder of this child theme, referring to the plugin! The structure si way too complex for me.

    My origninal question was: the date, simply put. I guess that there is no simple way to achieve this, without being an experienced PHP progammer.

    In the best case scenario, there would be a text box in the plugin option page where we would simple enter the format of the date.


    xiligroup dev

    Please take a little time…

    basically twentyten and his function twentyten_posted_on() { use get_the_time without param… and it’s work as in child..

    It means that wp+xili-language translate the date format set in general settings. If you want your own format, you must used __() function to set your target date format… (and his translation in other language in .po + .mo)…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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