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    xiligroup dev

    Thanks for your topic.

    To resume xili-tidy-tags plugin groups tags which are associated with post(s). The widget shows (as current wp_tag_cloud) cloud of tags and when clicking on a tag, the list of attached posts are listed. A preset tag, but without post attached is not displayed.

    Grouping … on a cloud of tags is displayed through the group of trademarks (grouping only tags describing a trademark (WordPress, Apple, Cisco, xiligroup…). On a multilingual website, such a group is interesting because a tag like wordpress is not attached to a language but to a (famous) trademark… and when clicking on it the result can display every posts regardless languages.

    It is also possible to attach tags to a group similar to a category, so when displaying a category (ie color), the cloud will display only tags belonging to the group color (red, yellow,…)… if well set, when clicking on a tag, a list of posts with that tag color will be displayed. The origin of that features was on some musical website, webmasters have HUGE tags clouds (large in semantic areas) and want only display musicians tags, when selecting posts from category musicians…

    On a multilingual website, the tags are grouped according languages and currently a transverse group « trademark »

    Hope that help you to understand powerfulness of xili-tidy-tags !




    Thank you very much for your explanation.

    So if I understand correctly:

    a) Each post needs to have all incumbent tags already associated

    b) tags-groups make sets of tags, but w/o adding any additional tag functionality to any post.

    c) the xili widget filters posts by tags-group, but the post needs to already have tags belonging to existing tags-groups.

    It is powerful indeed, but my needs required somehow to skip the (a) part. I wish to associate posts with predefined tag-groups, to avoid the messy entering of a bunch of tags by hand everytime, or just littering the cloud with synonyms/misspells that need to be dealed later.

    Anyway, it seems for now I need to look for a different solution. Thank you again.


    xiligroup dev

    Just for you info : in WP, via the post-tag menu, you can create a pre-list of tags and in post edit, author has only to check inside this pre-list…



    I’m not following you, I’m sorry.

    In my post-tag menu (3.1.4), I only can add a new tag and associate it to the predefined xili tag-groups. I can’t see how to create a pre-list of tags as you suggested.

    In post edit, I just have the « add new tag » field and the « Choose from the most used tags » link, which in my case is empty as all my posts have no tags at the moment.

    Thanks again.


    xiligroup dev

    A skilled colleague from same country of me edit this plugin – – it is a good complement to answer your ergonomic question…



    Yes, thank you. I already have it on my list of plugins to test. At glance it bothers me a bit that it seems very more involved at the backend with new db tables, more risks at upgrades, etc., while yours seems more elegant as it uses the already existing taxonomy functionality. Anyway, shall look at it asap.

    Greetings from Europe and souhaitons la meilleure.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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