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    Oh, I forget to mention that I’m using wordpress 3.1, xili-language 1.9.0 and xili-dictionnary 1.3.3 plugins.



    I had to swtich back to WP’s recent post widget, here is a screenshot of the result I obtain using xili-language one:

    download, contribute, news and presentation are static pages, not posts.


    xiligroup dev

    Thanks for your explanation.

    Just a question : do you use Recent Posts widget from WP or this one delivered with xili-language ?

    Please give me time to make investigation – my week is very busy –

    Utilisez aussi le courriel de la page de réglages en cochant toutes les cases afin de me rendre compte des pbs.



    On the website actually, I’m using the WP recent posts widget(that one shows the posts I’ve created only but in all languages).

    The screenshot I’ve provided show what happens when using the one from xili-language (that one shows items from the current language, but for both pages and posts).

    I have time, don’t worry :)

    I’ll send you more informations using the form.

    Tnak you.


    xiligroup dev

    Many thanks for these details… The issues will be fixed next week… Some default values have changed in WP Core… The widget – recent post – in release 1.9.1 will incorporate fixes.

    Workaround – change the date of page to very past…



    That’s great, thank you :)

    Will both issues will be solved with next release?


    xiligroup dev

    About point #2 : I take time to visit your site… The theme (another plugin our special functios) used seems strange in navigation and cms…

    When a page is called, two posts are displayed… and not a content of page and the menu show the call to a category

    What I suggest to go deep in WP knowledge and CMS – use the default twenty theme – understand how the navigation between page, post and categories works… and after step by step fixe the issues bring by the features of the theme…



    OK, I’ll take a look at this, tank you for the help :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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