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    xiligroup dev

    Hello Hector,

    Thanks for your question,

    Since his original architecture (CMS), xili-language use built-in taxonomy features of WP and keep original characteristics of posts (page or article or since 3.0 custom post).

    So, to call a post with his only one affected language, only the permalink (or his short ID ?p=, ?page_id=) is used – no query tag lang –

    The language taxonomy with query tag (lang) is used only – very seldom- when sub-selecting posts for one language in home or in a category.

    If you visit or or lot of sites using xili-language trilogy you can see that this query tag is used currently in menu or in languages list when a category is displayed.

    A template tag exists also to generate link a post to his translation/adaptation in another lang when displayed as a single. and lots of not-visible feature to do very original browsing…

    If you need more professional infos or comparison with other WP plugins, please contact me here

    Best regards,

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