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    xiligroup dev

    Before to go back to some presented subjects, remember that translations of english texts must be done via mo files (resulting of compilation of po files inside theme sub-folder – see fr_FR.po for french as example) . Desktop app like poEdit can do that or online via xili-dictionary plugin. It is a little technic task so don’t hesitate to find around you skilled people.




    Please can you help me? I downloaded Poedit and I would like to edit fi.mo and add a string for « read this post in ». How do I open .mo file in Poedit? I only can open e.g. fr_FR.po and it is too much unnecessary work to translate everything in there.



    xiligroup dev

    poEdit is not able to edit (machine) .mo file built after editing .po file.

    But if you use the powerful plugin xili-dictionary, you can do it… Be aware, xili-dictionary is a online tool attached to your site and needs a little time to tame it 😉

    Enjoys !




    Can you please help me again? I’m now using xili-dictionary and I added new msgid « read this post in ». I then translated it to Finnish and Swedish. How can I get the change visible on the site? On xili-dictionary it says:


    translated in:
    – fi : 3932
    – sv_SE : 5568

    but SAVE STATUS is

    ** (local: ?)

    other strings have the status like this:

    fi.mo, sv_SE.mo (local: ?)

    I guess this is an import/export/save problem. Please can you tell me what to do? Thanks!



    And now I don’t know what I did but local: ? is now local: fi.mo… Is there a user manual somewhere?


    xiligroup dev

    Some infos are underconstruction in http://wiki.xiligroup.com

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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