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    xiligroup dev

    Thanks for your congratulations and wishes. (less than 1% of real users count during upgrading do a feedback)

    In fact, a widget is a template tags encapsulated in big codes lines to obtain the admin UI… here xili_tidy_tag_cloud(). This template is ready to deliver list and more… I plan to add this « list » feature in widget UI… Probably with 1.3.3, a version shipped when next beta of WP3 shipped (and naturally compatible with WP2.9.x).

    Best regards






    thanks for the explanation.

    What would be awesome would be a plugin that allow each tag to be use as a filter.

    For example if you click on a tag and then on another, your blog would display all posts tagged with tag1+tag2

    skt multi tags plugin ( http://www.skipstorm.org/2009/06/sk-multi-tag/ ) does that and i use it on my site, along with tidy_tags but it would be great to be able to use tidy_tags as filters for faceted search.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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