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    Thanks for your observation,

    The date translation on fly is the MOST difficult problem in WP (and xili-language). If you are php easy, you can see in source that xili-langue has choose the way of setlocale(LC_TIME, $curlang); /* work if server is ready */ (line 4350…). So as commented in code source, your server must me ready with dating in khmer !

    For the date format, what is the string in khmer translating used in .po file by WP (language file) ? used in poedit or xili-dictionary

    Other solutions are possible because xili-language are hookable. But it is time heavy for non php easy user.

    I have added khmer fonts on my macosx. Menus and posts are visible with fonts… only some texts in widgets at right none. If time, il will try some tests next weeks… even if I am totally unable to read these beautiful fonts.



    Interesting links for further implementation in WP and in hook for xili-language :

    This recent plugin

    can’t be used with xili-language because hook permanently the date and time results but can be used perhaps for hook in xili-language.



    Ok. I actually created the « Khmer Numbers for the Date and Time » plugin, but only by basing it on another plugin (I only modified it for Khmer).

    There are no servers that keep Khmer time, so that can’t be done that I know of.

    You asked, « For the date format, what is the string in khmer translating used in .po file by WP (language file) ? used in poedit or xili-dictionary »

    That actually is one of the issues, I can’t find the date in the .po file. Unless it is %d etc. Should there be strings for « January » « February » etc.?

    The easiest solution would be to just change the dates as done in the « Khmer Numbers for the Date and Time » plugin because the date format stays the same as English. I just want to translate the names of the months, as well as use Khmer numbers rather than English (Khmer numbers are: ១២៣៤៥៦៧៨៩០

    How would I hook the month names (Jan, Feb, Mar) and numbers? I don’t quite understand.

    Thanks for your help,



    xiligroup dev

    Have you begin to create and translate via xili-dictionary the km_KH .po and .mo file of 2011 theme.

    For hook : I contact you directly via your email – or contact me via email form inside xili-language setting after checking all options to give me good infos.

    Be patient,



    Yes, I’ve been able to translate the site using xili-dictionary (I haven’t finished yet though).

    I’ll send you an e-mail. Thank you.



    xiligroup dev

    by providing a small code added in functions.php of the theme (using filters of xili-language), the dates are now well presented as visible here for this beautiful language and the site using 2011 theme child.

    Soon a kit will be published – be patient

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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