xili-language vs xili-language ms : FAQ

This new approach was shortly presented at WordCamp Paris 2011

What main differences between the two plugins ?

xili-language is born in 2009 in his public release and is for multilingual website in WP and since 3.0 for WP network. The plugin is based on a taxonomy and is able to change on the fly the .mo to display the theme according the current post and the rules of multilingual navigation. His licence is GPLv2. The current version is The other members of the trilogy are xili-dictionary and xili-tidy-tags. More than 73000 downloads and more than 3500 users according updating chart (2013-01-13).

xili-language ms (multisite) is specially targeted for professional webmasters with good knowledges of WordPress Network (3.1 and more).

With experience acquired with xili-language, this plugin uses less than 2000 code lines (and comments) and very few ‘hooks’ and API. Today the plugin is not free and is bundled in an attractive Premium Services Offer.

Both plugins are totally compatible with the architecture of WP :  no table added, no modification of the core motor.

What about architecture differences ?

In the original xili-language, the database of the website contains the posts in every languages filed with the taxinomy. It can be activate on a standalone WordPress (dev.xiligroup.com) or a site of WordPress Network as here (http://multilingual.wpmu.xilione.com/) for exemple a provider.

With xili-language ms, a multilingual website is the group of monolingual site in the WordPress Network install. The plugin manages the links and behaviour between these sites. Very interesting for technical performances and for dashboard for editors of international companies or organizations.

Where is xili-language ms in production ?

On some big websites webmastered by TP1 company in Québec – Canada working since 2 years with dev.xiligroup team.

With xili-language ms, is it possible that each language keeps his own domain or subdomain or sub-folder ?

Yes. For domains, the domain mapping plugin is compatible.

With xili-language ms, do we need to share the same theme for each language ?

No. Its depend of the editor and design policy.

With xili-language ms, will original plugin disappear ?

No, the next version xili-language will add more feature to provide a plug and play installation for « multilingual’ newbies. The hooking features remain for webmasters with good knowledges on WP and PHP.

is xili-language ms (multisite) compatible with xili-language ?

YES, on a wp network installation, it is possible to have as multilingual website based on a single instantiation (as in standalone install) and two or more websites grouped in multilingual installation by xlms !

Will xili-language ms (multisite) remains no free ?

End of 2012 and start of 2013, xili-language ms (multisite) is reserved for professional webmasters and not free.

Tests begin with WP 3.5 – a new version will be shipped when 3.5.1 will be released…

Michel, May 12th – updated 2012-11-06, 2013-01-13
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