WP2.5 : login-style workaround

Login-style plugin can be adapted to be compatible with wordpress 2.5 :

the css « login-style.css » can be like that (old code is commented):

/*#login {
background-image: url('login_style.gif');
color: #666;

#login form {
background: url('login_style_bkg_bottom.gif') no-repeat bottom center;

#login {
background-image: none;
width: 360px;
padding:10px 20px 10px 10px;
h1 a {
background: none;
width: 292px;
height: 66px;
text-indent: -9999px;
overflow: hidden;
padding-bottom: 55px;
display: block;

.login {
background : url(login-style.png) no-repeat;
background-position: center 50% ;
background-color: none; border-color: #555 !important; border-top-width: 40px; }

and the login-style.png image can be like 395 by 500px sized.

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