Shortcode: xilipostinpost

xili-postinpost shortcode provides a toolkit to insert post(s) in content spaces in post or page. The displayed post(s) are resulting of queries like those in WP loop but not interfere with main WP loop.

[xilipostinpost query="p=1"]

another example:

[xilipostinpost query="cat=3,4,150&showposts=2&lang=en_us"]

as visible here in « About » page.

Parameters :

As readable in source code, in addition to « query » lots of parameters are available:

$arr_result = shortcode_atts(array('query'=>'','showposts'=>1, 
	'beforeall'=>'<div class="xi_postinpost">', 'afterall'=>'</div>',
	'beforeeach'=>'', 'aftereach'=>'', // 0.9.4
	'beforetitle'=>'<h4 class="xi_postinpost_title">', 'aftertitle'=>'</h4>',
	'beforeexcerpt'=>'<object class="xi_postinpost_excerpt">', 'afterexcerpt'=>'</object>',
	'beforecontent'=>'<object class="xi_postinpost_content">', 'aftercontent'=>'</object>',
	'featuredimage' => 0, 'featuredimageaslink' => 0, 'featuredimagesize' => 'thumbnail',
	'read' => 'Read…',
	), $atts);

Example as shown in this demo post:

[xilipostinpost query="attachment_id=1875" from="****-**-** 00:00" to="****-**-** 12:00" expired="this is afternoon" beforeall="<blockquote>" afterall="</blockquote>" showcontent=1 showexcerpt=0 ]
[xilipostinpost query="attachment_id=1876" from="****-**-** 12:00"  to="****-**-** 23:59" expired="this is morning" beforeall="<blockquote>" afterall="</blockquote>" showcontent=1 showexcerpt=0 ]
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