[updated] Publishing in multiple languages. Benefits, tips and tricks with wordpress and xili-language plugin.

One of the foundations of the approach of xili-language is the conservation of the structure of posts (article or page). And when a visitor arrive from a search robot, the theme framework will be in the same language of the post’s language.

Only some properties are added to the post.

One is the language of the post set by the author. (see on the top right of pictures below)

The others are link to the similar posts in other languages. « Similar » means that linked posts are not always an exact translation of the original. Sometime it is only a summary or an adaptation.

For the author or editor, it is important to have a good browser with tabs or one large, wide screen or two displays.

As exercise, I will try to illustrate how a post and his translation are published in post edit dashboard of WP.

Note #1: It is better to have prepared before the two texts with a simple text editor and use copy and paste.
Note #2: If it concerns existing posts that need to be checked in specific languages or linked posts, see end of this post.

The original in english:

Fill the title, content, excerpt etc.. tags and categories… and check english in post’s language box.
and save it…

the first post in english

the first post in english

(tip: don’t forget to use UI features and move the boxes on the top right near the title)

The linked post in french:

Since 1.3.0, with one click, it is possible to create a new post in another window of the browser. (tip: use the right mouse button, to open the Add New link in another tab – your desktop will be cleaner).

The linked post in french in second tab

The linked post in french in second tab

In the edit window of the new post, just add the french title, observe that link to previous post and language are prefilled or checked and just now click ‘save draft button’. and continue to fill content and excerpt, tags and categories

(trick: If you go back to the browser’s tab of the original english post, you can save it again, and you will see the changing in linked post box)

The linked post is now saved

The linked post is now saved

And now you are able to continue to write the both posts each one in his language if you are yourself bilingual or by copying the draft of the two authors.

What happens when working on existing posts ?

First thing: check his language in Post (page) ‘s language box and save or update.
Second thing: If you know the IDs of linked posts in other languages fill the input inside the small table of Linked posts box and save or update.
And since 1.4.1, useful if the linked posts exist and contain link to this current post, just check ‘auto search’, save or update and when UI is refreshed, the inputs are prefilled with IDs of existing other posts linking to this current. Verify, Save or update.
Why « check » option is not checked as default ?
To avoid unnecessary queries. As Editor, check it only if you decide when it is necessary.

Linked posts or pages box in Post Edit UI

Linked posts or pages box in Post Edit UI


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5 réponses à [updated] Publishing in multiple languages. Benefits, tips and tricks with wordpress and xili-language plugin.

  1. Reza dit :

    I love it, but how can get another languages to work with it, for ex. farsi ( persian)?

  2. xiligroup dev dit :

    Do you need farsi to translate theme items ? What themes do you use ? Is it localizable as fusion ?

    xiligroup is totally unable to translate english to farsi…. for xili-language UI itself or themes managed by this plugin to switch languages according content of posts

    But I can help you to build the dictionary and .po (text file containing both lines (english and farsi) and .mo files….

    URL of your website ? Commercial site ? or personal mutlilingual blog ?

    xili plugins (xili-language, xili-tidy-tags) are able to do this type of multilingual language (ltr or rtl lines) but need some preliminary works… (css, style)

    Hope that help you

  3. Sam dit :

    I created 3 pages in 3 different languages but when I click the, let’s say, German button, the page does not switch to german but goes, for some reason, to the blog page in german.

    I noticed that in the url there is no id or cat when I try to switch so basically everytime I try to switch it gives me a similiar link to this: http://domain.net/?lang=de_de

    What am I doing wrong?

  4. xiligroup dev dit :

    the template_tag – xili_language_list() in his default shape gives a list with link to the home – if a category is displayed – the links target to the same category with posts in the targeted language. For pages or singles (singular), it is recommanded to use the template_tag xiliml_the_other_posts – see table here – https://dev.xiligroup.com/?p=1432 – just under the title of the page or the post.
    xili_language_list() can be hooked to change this behaviour. dev.xiligroup is able to provide you services if your site his a commercial site… Don’t hesitate to question us.

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