No viewport on .mobi website

With Safari on iPhone or iPod Touch built no default viewport if the website domain has tld as .mobi.

« Pages that are marked up with XHTML Mobile or are on a .mobi domain are handled specially (they’re shown unmodified – assuming that the developer has already optimized the page for a mobile device appropriately) » say John.

Don’t forget it and add this code when you want to test normal display (the standard theme in iPhone):

if (strpos(get_bloginfo(‘home’),’.mobi’) > 0){  ?> <meta name = « viewport » content = « initial-scale = 0.35, minimum-scale= 0.35, maximum-scale=2.0, width=device-width, user-scalable=yes » > <?php }

With xilitheme-select plugin it is now possible to display a theme of .mobi site on iPhone as seen on default desktop browser. Exemple here on

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