xili-tidy-tags: new release 1.6.1 shipped

What’s new in the version 1.6.1 of xili-tidy-tags plugin ?

  • xili-tidy-tags is now ready for custom taxonomy and custom post type (webmasters: read carefully source code and readme)
  • tags cloud widget with conditionnal display as other xili plugins.

Why « ready » ?
Because it is not documented and because some codes must be added in your theme according your new custom post and taxonomy.
This online website is powered by the latest version and will progressively contains a new series of custom posts with the same categories as current posts but with a custom taxonomy (as post tag but named wp_parts).

xili-tidy-tags menus on dashboard

xili-tidy-tags menus on dashboard - instantiation for custom taxonomy

a tip to see again clouds in widgets after updating !

Because some modifications were done since 1.6.0 to allow custom post tags for custom post type, it is necessary to go to appearance menu and save again widgets displaying clouds of groups.

Caution : If you use desktop ftp app. to update, delete previous folder before updating… Inside plugin folder, files and files are new reorganized. (no pb with automatic updating process when current version will be available)

The ReadMe !

Contributors: michelwppi, MS dev.xiligroup
Donate link: http://dev.xiligroup.com/
Tags: tags, posts, multilingual, taxonomy, shortcode
Requires at least: 4.6
Tested up to: 6.2
Stable tag: 1.12.04
License: GPLv2

xili-tidy-tags is a tool for grouping tags by semantic groups or by language and for creating tidy tag clouds.


on monolingual website (blog or CMS)

xili-tidy-tags is a tool for grouping tags by semantic groups and sub-groups. This tags aggregator can also, by instance, be used to group tags according two or more main parts of the CMS website. It is also possible to create group of tags in parallel of category and display a ‘sub’ tag cloud only depending of the displayed category.

on multilingual website

xili-tidy-tags is a tool for grouping tags by language with xili-language plugin for multilingual site and for creating tidy tag clouds. By instance to present only tags in english when the theme is in english because the post or the current category present texts in english. Technically, as xili-language, this plugin don't create tables in wordpress db. He only use (rich) taxonomy features. So, with or without the plugin, the base structure is not modified.

Why xili-tidy-tags versus / against included parent property of terms ?

With default parent feature, a tag (term) can have only one parent. The default taxonomy (see file taxonomy.php in folder wp-includes) is very poweful but don't include the queries to group tags under one another tag. Is is the purpose of this plugin xili-tidy-tags created since WP 2.7 ! Initially created to group tags by language, he structurally contains all functions to group tags by semantic groups AND one tag can belong to one or more groups.

Why xili-tidy-tags introduces grouping features since version 1.9 ?

RESERVED for DEVELOPERS using template-tags Using nice feature "alias of" and "group" of WP core taxonomy.php, xili-tidy-tags offers now a way to "link" tags of different languages (red, rouge, rot,…). So when displaying list of french posts associated with a french tag (rouge), it is now possible to show a list of tags in other languages (red, rouge, rot,…) and visitor is now able to click on red and show the webpage of list of posts tagged with red. Only taxonomy wpdb tables are used, no new tables, no new lines in options table.

Widget to insert Tags cloud

The powerful widget is easy to setup and to choose what and when group of tags to display.

Template tags usable in theme design

Template tags are provided to enrich the theme and display sub-selection of tags. Through the settings admin UI, it is possible to assign to a tag one or more groups (by instance a french tag to the french language group. A trademark term like WordPress to a group named "trademark". You can choose different storage policies.

NEW 2 template-tags since 1.9 : xili_tidy_tags_group_links to show the group of tags containing the current tag (useful in tag.php of theme) and xili_tidy_tag_in_other_lang to return info (link) of one other tag of the group in an another lang. Xili-language version > 2.9.0 will use the links switching in language switching navigation menu when displaying tag.php page. (if "red" tag page is displayed, language menu for french will link to "rouge" !)


add shortcode inside a post content to include in your text a cloud of a group of tags.

Example of shortcode : [xili-tidy-tags params="tagsgroup=trademark&largest=10&smallest=10" glue=" | "] In this cas, the group of tags named 'trademark' will be display inside a paragraph of a post. The params are defined as in xili_tidy_tag_cloud() and as in wp_tag_cloud(). The glue is chars inserted between the tags (if omitted default is a space).

Example of tag cloud made with shortcode here


Please verify that you have installed the latest versions of: xili-language, xili-tidy-tags, xili-dictionary

Translations available for admin UI


  • readme.txt rewritting.
  • more function for grouping new features introducted in version 1.9

Version 1.12.04

  • fixes forget nounce
  • Last Updated 2023-08-01

Version 1.12.01

  • Last Updated 2019-05-18
  • rewritten with WPCS rules
  • prerequisite PHP 7.1+
  • Previous Tags: tag,tags,theme,post,plugin,posts, page, category, admin,multilingual,taxonomy,dictionary,widget,CMS, multisite, wpmu, bbPress, shortcode
  • see tab and chapters in changelog


  1. Upload the folder containing xili-tidy-tags.php and others files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  2. If xili-language plugin is activated, groups of languages are automatically created. If not, you can also use xili-tidy-tags to group your tags in semantic group like technical, trademark...
  3. in theme, a new template tag is available : xili_tidy_tag_cloud Same passed values as tag_cloud but two new : tagsgroup and tagsallgroup . tagsallgroup can be the parent group slug, tagsgroup is one of the child group slug. If one or both are included, the cloud is built with sub-selected tags in this (theses) group(s).

Exemples of script in sidebar.php :

with xili-language plugin activated in multilingual website

<div><h2><?php _e('Tags cloud','xilidev');?></h2>
<?php if (function_exists('xili_tidy_tag_cloud') && class_exists('xili_language')) xili_tidy_tag_cloud('tagsgroup='.the_curlang().'&tagsallgroup=tidy-languages-group&largest=18'); ?>

with semantic group named as category and a group containing trademarks named trademark

<h2><?php _e('Tags cloud','xilidev');?></h2><?php
if (function_exists('xili_tidy_tag_cloud')) xili_tidy_tag_cloud('tagsgroup='.single_cat_title('',false).'&tagsallgroup=trademark&largest=18'); ?>

example of a splitted tag cloud of authors group (here separated by hr) - change html tags if you want to build a table with 3 columns

<div><h2><?php _e('Tags clouds','xilidev');?></h2><?php if (function_exists('xili_tidy_tag_cloud')) xili_tidy_tag_cloud('tagsgroup=authors&largest=18&&number=15'); ?>
<hr />
<?php if (function_exists('xili_tidy_tag_cloud')) xili_tidy_tag_cloud('tagsgroup=authors&largest=18&&offset=15&number=15'); ?>
<hr />
<?php if (function_exists('xili_tidy_tag_cloud')) xili_tidy_tag_cloud('tagsgroup=authors&largest=18&&offset=30&number=150'); ?>

note about template tag

If the two args tagsgroup and tagsallgroup are empty, the content is all the tags as in current tag cloud but with more features for selecting or look as soon documented.

note about widget

If you create the single widget since 0.9.0, with 0.9.2 (which allows more than one), you need to recreate one, two or more widget(s) in theme admin UI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about WP 3.0 multisite mode (WPMU) and the trilogy ?

xili-language, xili-tidy-tags, xili-dictionary

Since WP 3.0-alpha and now with 3.1, if multisite is activated, the trilogy is now compatible and will include progressively some improvements dedicaded especially for WP network context. Future specific docs will be available for registered webmasters.

What about custom taxonomies and tidy grouping ?

Since release 1.6.0, xili-tidy-tags is compatible with custom taxonomies. Reserved for skilled webmasters with WP, data model and php knowledges. Multiple instantiation of this powerful plugin is possible.

Where can I see websites using this plugin ?

dev.xiligroup.com here


www.xiliphone.mobi here also usable with mobile as iPhone.

and the first from China since plugin version 0.8.0

layabozi.com here to sub select music maker name and other tags sub-groups.

and a wonderful website

Frases de cine with more than 200 tags.

or 794 point 8 - Petite bibliothèque vidéoludique as a library of video games.

Compatibility with other plugins ?

In xiligroup plugins series, xili-tidy-tags is compatible with xili-language, xili-dictionary, xilitheme-select and others , a set of plugins to create powerful multilingual (multisite) CMS website.

Upgrade Notice

  • As recommanded, don't forget to make a backup of the database.
  • Upgrading can be easily procedeed through WP admin UI or through ftp (delete previous release folder before upgrading via ftp).
  • If updating via desktop ftp : erase previous version folder before uploading latest version.
  • Verify you install latest version of xili-language trilogy.

More infos

Capabilities and roles :

0.9.5 : Administrator role can create grouping or setting capabilities for editor role. 'Grouping' permits to editor to group tags in group (lang and/or semantic). 'Setting' permits to editor to create, modify or delete semantic groups. Only administrator has access to languages groups.

The plugin post is frequently documented dev.xiligroup.com and updated Wordpress repository.

See also the dev.xiligroup plugins forum.

2009-2020 MS - dev.xiligroup.com

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