Woaoo ! OOP coded is now xili-language plugin [0.9.7]

The french readers have discovered in the previous post that simultaneously, we work on new settings plugin page according to powerful WP 2.7 features and we work to convert in OOP the xili-language plugin.

After the 0.9.6 release where new UI was implemented, now with 0.9.7 this saturday evening, OOP code is tested on local server and here in dev.xiligroup server (temporary troubles occur during installation at around 20:00 Fr time).

All major functions and template tags are hookable by the WP functions as add_filter or add_action. Far better than other methods as appeared in former releases with functions with special names.

In past - pre-fixed name for hook

In past - pre-fixed name for hook

Today - way to add a function for xili-language

Today - way to add a function for xili-language

Inside the plugin, there is default rules or functions to display or decide when the language must change or not. To have your own rules in the theme, just create a function and add a filter (or action).
All specific template_tags are also hookable to be more compliant with the international theme of your blog or CMS site. (see php lines > 960)

Q : What troubles when upgrading from 0.9.5 to 0.9.7 ?
A : No change in DB, only (if present) small modifications to do in hooking functions in your functions.php. (add filter or action functions).

Q : why hook ?
A : to adapt your site without any change in the plugin providing the core rules. (read)

Q : what future ?
A : test this beta release and provide a demo theme as in xiligroup’s sites.

Enjoy with this (only ?) 1000 lines plugin !

1000 lines with comments

1000 lines with comments

(soon on WP repository)

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3 réponses à Woaoo ! OOP coded is now xili-language plugin [0.9.7]

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  2. admin dit :

    Question : Themes with ‘localization’ like Gear or Fusion are they compatible with xili-language ?

    Answer : Yes, like kubrick, Gear and Fusion are upgradable from theme ‘localizable’ to theme multilingual with few minor modifications. In few days, a post about this subject.

  3. admin dit :

    Question from E
    I have installed xili language plugin in WP 2.7.1, but I can’t get « widget » languages anywhere to be seen. When I edit or insert new post, I can select language alright, as expected, but do not have how to add it to sidebar when viewing blog. There is no option to add it, neither is listed in widgets list.

    What should I do?

    Answer :

    Thanks for your question. Do you have activate the plug-in xili-language widget that is at the end of the extension list (verify that you have the latest release of xili-language downloadable in wp repository repository

    Question from E

    thanks for answer, yes, found a widget and enabled it, set the title.
    What I would like to do:
    1 – replace « in » prefix in e.g « in English », to do as I wish
    2 – alter sorting order

    How to do it?

    Answer :

    See the recent episode two. Please next time use comments a post and not contact form – it is easier to inform other users.

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