xili-language plugin – new version [update]

After main update 0.9.7 with OOP and hooks, xili-language is shipped to day in version

What’s new ?

More docs in php code for theme’s designer that want to use xili-language hooks to improve personalization of his multilingual theme. (rules, style, specs of template tags).
Beta tests of a metabox in post edit admin UI (to replace the custom fields form) when setting the linked posts in other languages. Because, no ajax refreshing occurs (in alpha test) when you use this form (at top right), don’t use custom fields form for linking posts.

Don’t forget to read recent posts in xili-language category. (Tests of themes with localization, Using hooks,…).

Don’t forget to use comments below when you need help. Contact form is reserved to general questions.

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  1. admin dit :

    Question : In the recent multilingual post of homepage, there is post in post (title + excerpt) in the content. How is it made ?

    Answer : It is possible by using a shortcode where a query is set and the result is inserted in ‘blockquote’. It will be the subject of a next post about loop in loop with multilingual features.


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